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What are the Women Saying?

“I feel sexy and more like a woman than ever before.I can't wait to have a birthday party here.”
Thanks. Cathy K. NJ

“This class was a gift from our daughter. After I had a female related surgery I was feeling less than feminine. I feel so vibrant. Thanks for the strength you have given me.” Margie S. NY

"I never thought this would be so much fun, this was an amazing bachelorette party" Sara T. NJ

"We planned a party for one of our sister's Bachelorette Party and had the best time ever. We also learned some fun stuff." Ilyan K. NJ.

“Johnna was absolutely wonderful and had a great personality while being very professional. I learned a lot and had an extremely wonderful time at my sisters birthday! Will do this again. Can’t wait.”
Angela K. NJ

“I have three kids at home and this is just what I needed. I am sooo glad I did found this pole dance class for myself”.
Anna M. NJ

“What a blast. I learned more than I thought I was capable of. Especially due to the body type I have.”
Phyllis C. PA

“Wow, I had fun. I can’t wait to do it again soon”.
Tara I. NY

“I have always wanted to take this class. Now I plan to attend weekly". Next year we are having my sisters bachelorette for sure! Thanks a million!
Amanda V. NY

“It’s like we were celebrating being a woman and it was a lot of fun too. I loved pole dancing at sexy fox fitness." Lola M. NJ

“I loved our teacher, she was a lot of fun and taught us so much! I can’t wait to show the sexy pole moves to my hubby & I am going to freak him out! Now I'm planning a girls night out party for all my friends.” Rosalina. NJ


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